Alwinco proudly offers a variety of services which include the following:

A focused in-depth analysis and investigation of the actual state of your physical security. Provision of a valid Security Risk Assessment document detailing all weaknesses and points of threat within your property.

Note that Security Risk Assessment also goes by the names Security Survey, Threat Analysis, Risk Identification & Management, Assessment of Vulnerability, Security Audit, and Security Inspection.

Ensure that you examine your current service provider to verify that all relevant paperwork between the provider and the client, including SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), SLAs (Service Level Agreements), and PSIRA registration, are in place.

Investigation into your current security system. Due consideration will be given to upgrading and integrating present equipment where possible.

Specification of a Security Plan with in which to upgrade and integrate your security to proactively make your property more resilient to crime.

Note: Due to budget constraints these solutions can be rolled out in phases. Allowance and due consideration is given to this.

Assuring that in the worst case scenario that the crime can be prevented once security has been breached as quickly as possible or that sufficient evidence after the crime will be available.

Where necessary personal risk (especially of individuals in the topmost echelons of the corporation such as the CEO) is explored.

Security recommendations shall bear the aesthetics and structural design and style of the property in mind.

Vehicle risk and hi-jacking hotspots shall be investigated and explained. Corporate profile investigations including fraud, inner crime and management.

Full analysis of your property in numerous levels and regarding various factors often overlooked. Better budget planning can be attained once the assessment and the need of security is explained to the decision makers / management. Continuous and detailed research in respect to new technologies in the field and trends regarding crime.

Vetting (background checks) of employees and / or potential investors.

Attendance and chairing of Security Meetings on a regular basis.

Meetings held once a month with the Service Provider as well as information exchanged at community focused meetings.

Strengthening communication with the necessary authorities such as the SAPS and Metro. Conduction of security workshops and training regarding reverse crime engineering and the assessment process.

Assessment of both inner and outer crime.

Management of your security office.

Provision of security reports and status once a month.

Guest speaking at various conferences and seminars in aid of education. Conduction of interviews with various parties including experts in numerous fields within the security industry.

Cross referencing of your previous Security Risk Assessment with the new one to ensure that all weaknesses identified have been successfully dealt with Project Management once the installation process has begun on clients’ behalf including RFQ (Request for quotations) and the tender process.

The testing of your security via infiltration.

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Written by Andre Mundell

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