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Why do I need an Independent Security Consultant?

Many South Africans often fall victim to a crime despite spending thousands on a security system. Security is viewed incorrectly and the Security Officer at the gate, the dog in the backyard or the alarm system onsite is seen as sufficient. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case and it is necessary to have a security system that has components that compliment and support each other. This is where the Independent Security Consultant has become a necessity.

Nowadays criminals also have access to the wealth of information available freely on the internet. Criminals generally plan extensively and the target is put under surveillance over a period of time before they actually strike. It is not unusual for the lawbreaker to have more knowledge of the security system used than the business or homeowner. To be able to secure your property, one needs to stay one step ahead of the criminal element. This is where the Independent Security Consultant will be able to assist you through the Security Risk Assessment.

Security is not considered when nothing happens and only once it has, when it is too late and a crime has occurred, is the actual benefit and value of the Independent Security Consultant and the Risk Assessment understood and desired. Alwinco aims to aid and provide knowledge to all property owners to make their premises resistant to crime by placing them in control of their security.

André Mundell, Founder of ALWINCO & the Independent Security Risk Assessment

Meet André Mundell – Founder of Alwinco

Alwinco was founded by André Mundell when he discovered a niche for the assessment after he had begun to blog about crime. The response he received was overwhelming and positive. Many individuals, especially homeowners and those managing properties, requested that he assess their physical security before steps were taken in regards to installation and upgrades. Through word of mouth and high recommendations, André moved on to businesses, complexes, estates, parks, plants, schools and factories.

Victims had very little or no knowledge in the best methods or means available to them to protect and safeguard their properties.Due to his history of employment at the SAPS for 21 years, most of which he was directly involved in the investigation of crime scenes; he was able to determine that several factors were always present at the scene of the crime. This was further confirmed once he had interviewed many, many victims, as well as the perpetrators responsible for the crimes. This can be summarized in 4 points:

  • Both before and after the crime, victims were unprepared.
  • There had never been a Security Risk Assessment conducted independently on any of these sites.
  • No Security Plan had been derived for the future and current security was not based on a solid and strong foundation.

Common Mistakes in Security

As part of the Physical Security Risk assessment, the Independent Security Consultant will reveal some common mistakes and myths, as well as full explanations thereof, as part of his / her service. The following is a brief summary of some of these elements:

  • No security solutions can be successfully carried from one site to another – THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS PRACTICE!
  • Security Companies will provide you with a Product Assessment and not a full Independent Security Risk & Threat Analysis. Alwinco is not your typical Security Company
  • Either before or after the crime, victims are not in control of their security
  • No Independent Security Assessments were conducted before = No Security Plan is in place = Security is not based on a solid foundation
  • Unfortunately, the lowest bidder in security is usually awarded the business
  • Security is not viewed as an investment but rather a grudge purchase
  • The question: What if my security fails is not addressed
  • There is no quick checklist to determine security risk and the grading method focusing on probability is objective and inaccurate

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Written by Andre Mundell

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