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Introduction to
the Independent Security Risk Assessment

The Independent Security Risk Assessment should be the most important step in terms of your physical security although it is still largely unknown in South Africa.

This report is a necessity  to ensure that your security is based on a strong, sound and solid foundation – both presently and into the future. You do not actually have security if you do not have your Independent Security Risk Assessment report on the table.

Independent Security Risk Assessment is not Product Assessment

Often the end-user, you as the client, receives a Risk Assessment from your Security Provider, supplier or installer. This service is often for free or a very minimal charge is asked. What you actually receive in this case is a Product Assessment and not a full Security Risk Assessment. This is merely a sales gimmick so that the salesman/assessor can be ensured his pockets are lined by what you purchase from him. Ultimately that is his first priority.

A Product Assessment is not the same as an Independent Security Risk Assessment

The salesman/assessor will not inform you in full or even be able to identify all of your risk. Often if something in his inventory cannot solve the problem, it is ignored and you are none the wiser. An independent will supply you with various generic security solutions so that you can decide what to purchase, install or upgrade with the knowledge that your risk will be sufficiently addressed.

In the event that the Independent Security Risk Assessment recommends a certain product or brand, this is only due to the fact that extensive research revealed that this will work the best within your unique and tailored Security Plan.

The Independent Security Risk Assessment is referred to by various other terms. We often find that the terminology used varies from user to user while the intent and purpose remain the same. This is as contributing factor to the misconception of what the Security Risk Assessment really is.

Clients often use the following names for the Independent Security Risk Assessment

Despite all the different terms – the desired knowledge still means an Independent Security Risk Assessment at the end of the day.

A Fresh New Approach to Security

For more than 40 years, South Africans have been attempting to combat crime in the same way and yet the crime stats continue to soar. Additionally, crime and consequently prevention is approached back-to-front. This means it is time that a new approach to security needs to be taken and this is where the Independent Security Risk Assessment becomes an invaluable tool.

We have found that it is rather difficult to convey to others what the Independent Security Risk Assessment actually entails.

Should you wish to learn more, invite us for a coffee or a short presentation so that we can explain the Independent Security Risk Assessment to you and have a discussion.

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Written by Andre Mundell

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